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2008 NASA Regolith Excavation Centennial Challenge

Well, it's certainly been an experience. Over eight months of 10 to 14 hour days, seven days a week designing, integrating, machining and welding. The technology development went wonderfully, with several patentable inventions coming together in an integrated whole to give birth to the Moon Bug. Now that the contest is over, it's time for a little rest!

Sadly, of the 25 teams registered only 16 made it to the competition and Poiesis Research was not one of them. We simply ran out of time. Of those who made it to the competition only 8 were able to actually compete due, apparently, to last minute problems of one sort or another. Of the eight that did compete, not a one was able to put any regolith into the collection box.

The results of this contest were predictable. NASA cut the available time to an unrealistic period and withheld information despite multiple requests from contestants. We are left to wonder why, when the presumed goal was to promote technology development.

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