Perkin Elmer Model 1600 FT-IR Spectrophotometer

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  • Range of 7800 to 100 cm-1
  • Resolution of 4 cm-1
  • Purgeable sample compartment
  • Single-beam mode
  • Single-beam ratio mode
  • Interferogram mode
  • Floppy drive
  • Serial interface
  • Provision for external control

  • Software with extensive graphics and data processing capability, based on Perkin-Elmer's CDS-3 Infrared Data System
  • Extensive built-in diagnostic software, enabling you to trace the cause of malfunctions yourself
  • Requires 120 volt, 60 cycle voltage source
  • This is a stand-alone instrument with built-in computer, etc. We used it for a particular project (determining the beta-crystalline state of PVDF), then business took us in different directions and it has been sitting idle for a couple of years. When we turned it on to check it out we got the self-test screen shown here. We checked it out, and it seems that the Florida humidity was a little harsh for the KBr windows and the beam splitter. Everything else seems to work. We replaced the windows with new ones, and replaced the throw-away dessicant packs with bake-able ones, plus two spares for baking out while the others are in service. We never did find a beam-splitter though.

    If you have or can find a beam splitter for this instrument replacement is actually quite simple, just a couple of screws and no way I can see to go seriously wrong. Assuming, of course, that you are moderately technically competent. I had it out with little trouble when I checked it out. You need to wear cotton gloves, though! Fingerprints on the beamsplitter are not a good idea.

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    Sample bay

    The Spectrophotometer comes with a Fixed Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory (0186-0796).

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    And the manuals.

    We are asking $2,500 for the Spectrophotometer shown here, sold as is, plus shipping and a $150 crating fee.

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    Golf Driver
    Alternate Power
    Surplus Equipment