Photos taken on the Property

Frog%20pond.png A small "Frog Pond" made by pushing up a small dam in the outflow from two of the springs roughly 100 yards upstream.

The outflow from the Frog Pond, generally about 80-120 gallons per minute. This picture was taken during a severe local drought, so the output is at the low end of usual.  To our knowledge, however, the flow has never been significantly less than is shown here.

Bridge.png A small bridge over the output of several springs after they have flowed together and combined.  The water is crystal clear and very difficult to photograph for that reason . . . there's more there than you can see!


Flower.png Flowers.png

file:/Farm%20Photos/Creek3.png All this surface water, and a huge aquifer underneath as well.

The sand under this water is primarily quartzite and is sugar-white when washed and dried. It would make a very pretty beach around a lake. Creek.png


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