Sedition Awakening

William Bradford Cushman

This book came about because of an argument with a friend about the events of 11 September, 2001. My friend kept insisting that I was just espousing a "conspiracy theory" and making a fool of myself when I argued that the buildings could not have been brought down in the manner visible in numerous videos by airplanes, and that what we were seeing was a controlled demolition in all three cases. Moreover, I kept insisting, if that was the case, then there are serious implications that arise when we consider that some entity coordinated these demolitions with airplanes to provide the "excuse" for the event. Then you can indulge in conspiracy theories, but the issue I was talking about was simply physics.

My friend would not understand my argument, probably because the implications were simply too horrible for her to contemplate. Needless to say, her mental blockage was very irritating and annoyed me greatly because it implied that the people who made this attack would get away with it.

Days later I was contemplating the issue of trying to get someone to understand what to me is simple High School level physics. I grant that all things "science" are distasteful to some people, and I grant not everyone should necessarily have a working knowledge of fundamentals like the laws of gravity . . . but in this case the implications were a clearly visible red flag indicating a tyrannical future for the United States . . . our mutual country. So I thought I would write out the arguments in as plain a language as I could and try again, and that made me realize that someone at NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) must have done exactly that in response to their own purported "analysis" of those events. An "analysis" which was plainly false and they must have known it was. They are not stupid. So, for my own amusement I sat down to write the "memo" I assumed would have been produced internally at NIST.

Once the memo was written I wondered about the possibility of some whistle-blower revealing it to the public . . . and that led me to indulge myself in an orgy of writing to wrap that memo in a story that someone might want to read just for the entertainment value. It proved a wonderful venue to "get a few things off my chest," and I confess to enjoying myself somewhat excessively. Looking back on Sedition Awakening, I think I can honestly claim that it contains something that will irritate just about anyone. I've narrowed my target field somewhat since then, but I still make no apology for effectively describing the United States government as the whoring branch of a larger conspiracy to extract the wealth of the country from its rightful owners and place it into the hands of the already obscenely wealthy.

Sedition Awakening is available on Amazon, and from just about any other bookseller on the planet. Several people have told me that they are afraid to buy it on-line because of government surveillance, which is a legitimate concern in my view. The answer is to buy it at any bookstore, with cash. If the store must order it, just give them a fictitious name and agree to come back and pick it up.

Hubris Ark

William Bradford Cushman

Hubris Ark came about because of an article by Peter Ward that was published in Scientific American in 2006 called "Impact from the Deep." This article describes the basic mechanisms of the end-Permian extinction that killed from 80 to 96% of all species on earth both on land and in the sea. Two other of the five great extinctions our planet has experienced may have followed the same cascade of events. The thing that struck me in this important article was the fact that the cascade of events that gave rise to the end-Permian extinction seemed to almost exactly mirror current planetary events. The major difference being that whereas the end-Permian extinction was initiated by unusually widespread volcanism which produced high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and then the cascade to mass death; we have simply burned fossil fuels to achieve the same effect. We have released our carbon dioxide at a much more rapid pace, but the end result appears to be the same.

We recently zipped past four hundred parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and simple system inertia now seems destined to get us to the mid five hundreds that initiated the end-Permian extinction no matter what we do. It is possible we could effect a technological solution . . . but that would require a government that included a few people with brains, which seems unlikely to happen.

Still, I would like for our species to survive, and perhaps even be improved by Big Momma Nature's no-nonsense approach to "culling." Hubris Ark is about how a select group of individuals actually manage to do just that against horrible odds.

Amazon has provided the initial chapters of Hubris Ark on-line at the link below, and these contain a much more detailed description of the climate processes involved. I encourage everyone to read these descriptions, and perhaps even go to the original sources which are indicated in footnotes. My honest guesstimate of our future is that our species has less than ten more years of relative health, and will be entirely gone ten years after that. This will happen because too many of us are too stupid to avoid fouling our own nest, and too many of us are greedy predators that feel they must steal everything in sight, no matter the consequences. I realize that making statements such as this will not sell books, and most will find the thought of reading such dire predictions pretty horrid. It is, of course, so much more fun to smoke a little dope and ignore such unpleasantries. Big Momma will understand, and act to protect her children in the end because we are all special. Right.

Hubris Ark is available on Amazon, and from just about any other bookseller on the planet.