Ultra high pressure (75,000 lbs/in2) apparatus

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The ultra high pressure system shown here was used to develop piezoelectric damping materials by forming beta-crystalline polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) under high pressure. The pressure chamber is rated at 100,000 lbs/in2 and has internal dimensions 10 inches deep by 1 inch in diameter. The pressure chamber is equipped with a heater and can be heated to the temperature limit imposed by an internal "O"-ring seal. If a Kelraz "O"-ring is used, this is roughly 500 degrees F. A temperature controller is not included with this system.

The external dimensions of the pressure chamber are: 8 inches in diameter by 17.25 inches tall.

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Pressure chamber lable.
WP 100 000 PSI
HT. C3370-00381
HPD 90791 5-20-97

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The "stopper" used for the pressure chamber

Haskel has developed a very clever and effective sealing system for their pressure chambers. Any ordinary "O"-ring seal would simply extrude.

Pressure is developed in the pressure chamber by a Haskel air-operated fluid pump, with (in this case) silicone oil being used as the pressure transfer medium. Other liquids could be used, but hydrocarbon oil should NEVER be used in this system for two reasons: it might detonate if there is any oxygen present (this is how a diesel engine works), and many hydrocarbon based hydraulic oils become solid at roughly 30,000 pounds/in2.

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The pressure system includes a fluid reservoir with filter; pressure gage; air filter, regulator, gage and control valve; and valving to enable chamber pressurization and subsequent liquid return to the fluid reservoir. All high pressure fittings are from Haskel and have appropriate pressure ratings.

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Assembly No. DSXHF-903, Serial No. 597-1864, Date Mfg'd 5/97, Nom. Ratio 903 to 1, Max. Press. 150 PSI air 75,000 PSI liquid

We have just reduced the asking price 25% from $12,000 to $9,000 for the ultra-high pressure system shown here, plus $1/mile from Pensacola, Florida, for delivery (Continental US only, please). The system has been used less than 15 hours and works perfectly.

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