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These magnets are $50.00 each, plus shipping. They are shipped in a double shielded box with two independent layers of iron plates to contain their extremely strong fields. The box and contents weigh 6.2 pounds, and it measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.75 inches.

As you have probably figured out from our web site, this is not our usual business but only something we developed to fulfill an entirely different need . . . so we have no provision for accepting credit cards. Which means, cashier's checks and money orders only for payment. Please, no personal checks, and no cash. If we are shipping to Florida we are also required to charge sales tax, and our county rate is 7.5% (if they haven't jacked it up again when I wasn't paying attention).

We apologize for the inconvenience all this makes for you, but this is how we can get the job done. Go to this link, FedEx and go through the ratefinder stuff to pick out how you want the magnet shipped from Zip 32514 to your destination. Send us a letter, preferably printed or with VERY legible writing, to:

William B. Cushman
Poiesis Research
1315 Finley Drive
Pensacola, Florida, 32514

Carefully print the "Ship to" address at the top of the letter, twice. We will cut one of these off and paste it onto the box. Please also give us an email address and phone number so we can contact you in case of a problem. Give us detailed shipping instructions (Ground, Second Day, etc.), and tell us how much FedEx quoted for that shipping method. Then add this amount to $50 for the magnet, plus $3.75 (tax) if we are shipping to Florida. Get a cashier's check or money order for this total amount made out to William B. Cushman and send it to us. If you have a few of the FedEx shipping forms handy, please fill one out and include it. This will improve the odds against Murphy's shenanigans considerably, and you can also record the tracking number at the same time.

I apologize for this clumsy way of doing things, but as I said we don't normally do any retail business and we are not at all prepared for the challenge of doing so. Given the political situation, however, and the direction our country seems to be going, we also strongly feel that anything we can do to help out is worth the effort. So, we are giving this a try.

Make Your Own

magnet array 2

If you have access to machine tools (a lathe, vertical milling machine or drill press, rotary table) you might want to make your own magnet for the modification described here. To do this, first determine the size you wish to target, or use the same measurements of the magnet sold here (65mm outer diameter, 20mm axial hole, 26mm axial length). Next search for suitable rare earth "cylinder" magnets that can be arranged in a circular array something like shown above.

Once you have located suitable magnets, measure their diameter, cut an aluminium disk the size of your final magnet, and cut appropriate holes to fit your individual cylinder magnets into it, as shown below. Use a rotary table to lay out these holes, because you want the magnet to be radially balanced.

magnet array 1

You must next epoxy the magnets into the holes you have prepared. This is no easy task, as the magnets must be axially aligned so that they are all polarized in the same direction. These are very strong magnets and they do not like to be so aligned, and will fight you to make the point! The easiest way to get these magnets where you want them is to epoxy then into place one at a time and clamp them there until the epoxy cures. Make sure to clamp them with a plastic layer of some sort that will peal away when the epoxy is cured.

Once this magnet is constructed you may use it exactly as the purpose-built magnet described here. It will not have as much magnetic flux, but you can get a rough estimate of the relative flux density by calculating the volume of the purpose-built magnet and comparing this volume to the total volume of the magnets you use. Obviously, the more volume you can squeeze into your array, the better.

Identifying the Appropriate Alternator.


Modifying the Stator.

Modifying the Rotor.

Assembly and Voltage Regulation.

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